Santa's Sack

I opened my eyes and there he was. His back was turned, it was such a buzz. to have him right there, inside my room - but my face turned to terror - for all too soon.

He turned to me with an evil glint. Pulled from his sack - linomint - and proceeded to smear around my neck. Although I struggled, I would soon be dead.

To saw through sinews, muscle and bone, he wiped the blood and left, alone. Placing my head within his sack. Leaving the scene of a bloody attack.

So now he wanders through the night. Bringing terror, is his delight. This one time of the year he is free to reign. To cause much horror, mayhem and pain. For the little dears, this Christmas night, will not bring excitement, it will be RED, NOT WHITE.

For your blood shall flow, instead of snow. So if you've been naughty...
he will let you know.

All Rights Reserved

by Wayne Leon Learmond

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