Seize moments to please
Your neighbours, your strangers
Who struck by delusion disease
Irritate and aggravate affection rangers.

Seize opportunities in your space
To confront indifference and impertinence
That in thought and action displace
Amity and affability from their social residence.

Seize the gauntlet life throws at you
To prove your mettle and settle
Simmering social salvos with a view
To diminishing the intensity of a disunity battle.

Seize sensations that in your life arise
To enhance and advance chances of fairer
Promotion prospects in the rise
In malleable measures to excise the enmity error, poverty pandemonium and tension terror.

by John Sensele

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........ and eventually you will realize that every second in your life is worth living. Very inspiring and thought provoking poem. Thanks for sharing.