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Sapphire Glow
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Sapphire Glow

Lay your blanket over me,
Soothe my mind with your sapphire glow.
Let the night gleam on your shadow and
Reflect on me like a galaxy of stars,
Pointing from your beauteous pattern.

Light my path with the auroras of you
And shower me with the love you secure,
Add kisses to each raindrop,
Soft embraces as they leave you
To greet me in the middle of a starlit night.

Capture my dreams,
Place your softness on my face and
Take my sorrows with you,
As you fade into the break of day.
Walk with me as the ocean’s blue appears sudden.

Alluring and enchanting,
Whisper to me as night is coming to an end.
Count the beatings of my heart and
Allow me a dream within a dream.
And when I cry, reach down and take me away.

Carry me with you,
Into the vivid layers of your beauty,
Wipe my tears with the smoothness of your love,
And kiss away my sadness with
The strength of you.

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