AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

One Last Breath

One last breath and it's the end.
One last breath and I won't see you again.
One last breath, my dear, I'm nearing my end.
You say your heart will never mend.

11: 58 as we say our last goodbyes.
11: 59 and you begin to cry.
The clock strikes twelve as I drift off to sleep,
And even more you weep.

As my heart stops,
Yours starts to race.
You can't believe this is happening,
Right here in this horrid place.

As I look down upon you,
At the sight I hoped to never see,
There I lie,
There you cry helplessly.

One last breath I took, somewhere, somehow,
But I will always be with you,
As I am right now.
You don't know what to do.

One last breath I took,
But it's not quite goodbye.
Until we meet again, I think,
As I try not to cry

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This is another good one for Kurt Cobain still good to know that people still care about him and that there are people that still listen to his music! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !