Watching the northern star shinning
O'er the black sky in winters cold
I could not help thinking
Memories lost or tales untold
Night had my heart in clenches
Bitter tis' ironic hold
Sibilating a remembrance of a fair lady
Her name beautiful and bold.

O beloved one, whose eyes are none but scion
of great sea blue, skin whiter than ice
flakes in Siberia, lips light red shunning
most excellent of pink and Thy smile charming
than any mermaid or heavenly fairy
Truly a flower in the bosom of nature's plume.

I met her in a bar at Monty Carlo
Sipping champagne in clothes light
Her languors condescending my talks
Sightings of her were brisk and light
Though I chatted her for so little a time
Yet her glamour rendered me naive and contrite.

I shall her meet her again
Provided the fortune favors my hand
Joyful this reunion will be
For I shall satiate my restless ague
With her shades of love
In our conversation brief and lone.

by Mr. M Jamal

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