And he said
maybe he loved her still
that once he had
and perhaps he always will.
That though it's past
love finds a way to last
-already broken-
And he said
she only needs... a friend-
someone she can just talk to
then someone she can turn into
then turn around
and fall into...
Trying to fix herself
and fit herself - in.
And he said
maybe it's only sympathy
and a tad... of pity
but all alone (with me...)
she's really very witty
it's like she
'Really opens up to me...'
And he said
she looks half-dead
in her emaciated way-
a very fragile weight
and such sadness written on her face.
Contemplation in her eyes
as she struggles to psychoanalyze
in her Freuidian- Vonnegut
which doesn't really make much sense.
And he said
she smokes weed
just before she sleeps
which is only-what?
Once a week?
A few hours
every few days
But he said
(other than that)
she's okay.
And he said
she really
reminds him of me.
He said
'yes, she's just like you...'

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Do I hear an overtone of 'Am I not good enough? Why must HE turn to someone else, if they remind him of ME? ' I like this work.