CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Sarah (C) 7-4-08

Long ago Sarah was 7'8 and was one of the first friends I had
And another chapter in my book of life
Another collage in my collection of memories
And with her skills she'll be someones loving wife

She started to get shorter as the years went on
As I realized she's only 5'3
Even though she lacks in height she makes up in heart
Cause she can fit all of her friends in, even me

She began to grow but she still was getting shorter
I grew but she grew to 5'4 as time went by
She began to lose self confidence
Calling herself ugly though we all know that's a lie

She stopped growing but I still do unfortunately
As now she's the same height and I'm 6'2
Although she never grew in size in spirit she increased
5'4 Sarah one of the only friends I can call true

*Creator - Me*

Copyright 7-4-08 (C) Corey Threet

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Wonderful. I love how you relate vertical growth to the growth of the soul and how you point out that self image and outer image aren't what others see.