Sarah Of Nii Boi Town

Sarah of 'Nii Boi Town',
I don't know who your parents are;
But one day you will intorduce them to me.

I met you many years ago and now,
You are a grown up lady ready to marry;
I really do not know much about your coverd body,
But it is very right to cover your body than to expose it.

Life has taken us so far and,
You've been in the 'Hair-Business' ever since;
For your dressing was all that attracted me,
And you've been closer to me since all these years.

You were different among the others and,
You've learnt enough and you're now a matured woman;
But life does have many rules for us to obey.

Be yourself and be ready to learn always,
For you will marry someday very soon;
You've only told me about your mother of whom,
I am yet to meet in your land of 'Hair-Business'.

Please try to hold on to your status-quo for,
I still want to know much about you;
And love is like the wind that blows about,
So be very strong on your dreams.

Life is like the waves that moves about and,
The peace of the mind is what we need always;
For you really know who i am,
And like your neighbour next door who cares.

You know my elp since all these years and,
Of the care and peace that we share;
So do stay cool and be prepared always!
For the muse of love is about to infuse your body and,
I will be waiting to hear from you once again.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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