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Sarah Tilly

Sarah Tilly was shopping at the mall with her paw
The boy next door she never noticed at all
But he walks by, she caught a glimpse in her eye
She said, Paw, me oh my, Sarah Tilly likes

Her paw says Sarah, What do you mean?
Sarah says, Paw, now that's the way to wear jeans
Paw says, Sarah, Now don't go making me mean
Sarah says, That's alright paw, I've enough seen,
Sarah Tilly likes

The very next day she wore shorts real tight
With a wiggle in her walk mowed the yard outside
Sure enough that boy he came walking by
And he caught a glimpse of that in his eye

His feet just stopped, they wouldn't go
He had seen a yard mowed before but not like so
He tried to speak but speach wouldn't come
Now Sarah knew what she had just done,
But Sarah Tilly liked

Sarah Tilly he liked, I guess he liked
And so did everyone else outside
And so did the milkman that dropped his milk
And the postman that ran right into the back of him

The police chasing robbers
Shot out their own tires
And the whole fire department
Put out a house not even on fire,
But Sarah Tilly they liked

Sarah Tilly they liked, Oh yes they liked
She mowed with moves that strained their eyes
And when she went to pick something up
Aw man, now that was really tough,
But Sarah Tilly they liked

Now paw he come strolling out from inside
And there was the whole town right before his eyes
It wasn't long before they moved away
But the whole town remembers that day,
And the Sarah Tilly they liked.

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