Poem Hunter
( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)


This lovely morning I went walking
In a meadow where the air was sweet
It made my feet go dancing over
Growing grass and clumps of clover
Bird’s-foot trefoil, bedstraw, thistle
Nectar-sweet for butterflies.
Bright buzzing bees were everywhere
While in the air the gentle yet
Insistent hum of hoverflies
Seemed like a psalm to praise the sun,
And all around, above, beyond
Birds called and sang their songs
Of summer and of love until
Quite suddenly all time stood still
And like a dream I could not tell
Just where I stopped, and where all else
Began, and in that boundless state
I smiled to find such joy and gladness
For I was standing in the heart
Of my true home, my family
And I loved it and it was me.

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