Satan Gets The Blame

How come from human misdeeds and their acts of shame
It is always old Satan who does get the blame
Such thinking mostly belong to the religious kind
As if Satan does live in every evil mind

It does not mean that if to your God you do not regularly pray
That Satan will enter your mind in some sort of a way
This sort of thinking sounds quite simplistic and not quite right to me
Though with my views on this many would disagree

God is for greatness and Satan is for evil when religious people symbolize
But most symbols are human creations as many have come to realize
Symbols passed down from generation to generation of people over centuries of time
God is the one who stands for good and Satan is the one who stands for crime

Yet many of the worst crimes in history have been committed by people in their God's name
To the torch of hatred religious fundamentalists have lit the flame
Good people are being murdered by religious fanatics every day
People of Satan who only have bad words for to say

To me God and Satan are one of the same
Just religious symbols for want of a better name
But sadly for old Satan for every act of human shame
He is the one who always gets the blame.

by Francis Duggan

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