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Please Stay
(! st May 1958 / Abbottabad Pakistan)

Please Stay

Poem By Lucy Vernezze

Disciples of Satan
Vicious are the one who pawn their souls
In front of Satan for their vested interests
To gain some they lose all being in roles
Their hearts, eyes carry nothing but dusts

They use mosques to spread but vice
Virtue is superseded by the dirty designs
Ulterior motives are but their choice
Black magic are all symbols and signs

Their conspiracies will come back to
All these rascals in the course of time
They will face all that dirty disgrace
They will be taken by just their prime

On the gate of hell Satan will embrace
Followers of Satan will go to but hell
This is how vicious will but disgrace
Where they will but just eternally dwell

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

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