A Love

A blameless vestal,
Love, without cause;
A poignant glance,
Spread throughout,
For it shall stay with me,
Till I am done;
Whether it be four seasons,
Or just counted on just one thumb.
Can’t stop thinking;
Won’t stop remembering,
The smell, the touch,
The thought, the sound,
It’s all too much.
For now I wonder,
What should have been?
When then I remember,
I have been,
F*cking it up for everyone, everything.
Oh, well okay we say,
Yet never have we been,
For even a day.
Is the face you possess, a haunt of mine?
Yet forever I am blessed,
knowing that once we tried;
forever without a cause of doubt,
knowing that somehow you changed me,
in a way less profound.
If I were to go,
Not all would be lost,
Forever within you are of me,
No matter what the cost.
Every word I hang off,
Never wanting it to end,
For a love that is there,
That is real and within,
I wait and I wait, the moment is never right,
To tell my love the cause of my pain.
A syndicate of desire;
A flawless web,
In which to tie myself
Until I dread the love of my life,
When will it come, the desire within,
I can’t imagine it won’t begin.

by J.R Hunter

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