Satan's Plan

Poem By Alc Harris

Lured into your trap your henchmen are fine
Masters of disguise, Keepers of my time
Who think they can trap me like the lost and unsure
Prey on my weakness till I succumb to your allure

You must think me so easy the temptations you send!
Entrancing, intriguing, discreet though unashamed
Am I fooling you yet? to think you have won?
As I stand here before you, it is not why I’ve come

Your fury has scarred me but reinforces my grit
You may force me to stumble I will rise to my feet
Then I laugh in your face free again from your hold
My soul is not for taking to yours empty and cold

You will never be my master there is faith you do not see
It is held close inside me
Only God sets it free

Comments about Satan's Plan

I just have to comment again. Satan thinks he's so clever sometimes, but like you said we have to have faith in God to stand against any obstacles the devil may throw our way. Great job!
I AM SPEECHLESS! ! ! ! That poem was brillant. I want to encourage you to continue to write. God has truly blessed you with a gift. Amazing
I think that poem was really good! ! !

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