Satan's Tribues

When you do your fellow man wrong
when his life's possessions, from him' you steal
or to him, lies; When your neighbor falsely accuse and, His
child's innocent's, you mis-use, or take
his spouse, within your house All these things- God's forbids- and the love
of christ, you sacrifice...
For lust, temptation, and destitute, that is
Satan's tributes". Oh! How Ascertain- Oh! How true!
When God you do not learn or know about;
And Jesus Virgin's birth into this world- you doubts"
When your fellow man, you hates enough to kill:
Is just as though you are nailing to the cross-
Jesus' still... which is satin's will. Jesus paid a price for our sins; and only ask of us-
to be righteous"... That's all he wants of you!
Then his blessings, withing your life; he will bestow:
As time progresses onward. Destrucitons and tribulations, woes and abuse,
Will be your life's retributions; as the results, of'
"Satan's Tributes".

by Alma D. Dargan

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