TH (August 25,1945 / Plainwell, Michigan)

Satan's Turnpike

Satan built a highway
Across the United States
And straight up to Alaska
To span the Bering Strait*
Then out across Siberia
Did Satan’s Turnpike run
To the coast of Europe
Joining two landmasses as one.
Across three continents distance
That four lane pavement ran
So you could drive your car by land
From New York to Paris, France.

And Satan was an architect
And he built his buildings tall.
And Satan was a builder
And he built his bridges strong.
And Satan was a draftsman
Who designed with arc and pen
And Satan was a teacher
Of the hearts and minds of men.

And Satan was a good man
Who never did nobody wrong.
He said, “I’m not responsible
For what other people have done.
If I did only half the things
For which I take the blame,
It would not be a hundredth
What’s been done in the
Other One’s Name.”


(* A suspension bridge across the Bering
Strait, once thought to be impossible, is
now a thoroughly achievable architectural

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very good, i enjoyed it alot.especially the middle