PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)


'Sate, sate..... te te'
Sound builders satay at night
echoed through the halls of the capital
go on and on so every night
the walls of the houses across the street, alleys
in the capital of the kingdom
witness craft, tenacity and perseverance
peddle wares
favorite food of all citizens,
officials and the king
anticipated arrival
moreover the king's wife and family
they secretly love it
although manners forbade direct contact
with the repairman satay

'Te, te...... te goat, and cow's father.... '
Until one day the king, officials and retainer
In the vicinity of the royal palace
Angry, out skewers
Preceded by residents who are hungry
From staying up all night, patrolling

The Nayaka, the courtiers can only be silent
When the officials angry
Moreover, the royal family.
'If so, tell the repairman satay'
Only selling to serve the royal family.
Or call a palace cook
The rickshaw satay did not enter the palace
Become a palace cook
He prefers, the king occupies land
In addition to the road to the palace mosque
And do not want to be separated with customers
In this life
Most prized possessions is the fidelity
To the people who love him
Not germerlap money, rewards and praise
Of courtiers
Which at times was bored
So kick

Life can not be measured
only of desire

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