Ananda Siva Natanam 3 - Siva Creates The Five Elements

'Akasha' - Siva flies through the vast sky,
Sailing through the dark hemispheres!
Skydiving - performing acrobatic feats,
Surging forward with thundering beats,
Sensational birds flap their wings in glee,
Seeing their divine Master glide so free!
Soaring high and revelling in skies,
Siva enjoys His own sportful adventures!
Tadhit Talanku -Takadhit Talanku
Talanku Talanku - Taka Tadhimginnatom.

‘Agni' -Siva's creation of the Holy fire,
Astounding Agni!
Aghora Siva dances with mirth,
Allowing the fire in His hand to
Alight and spring into crimson flames,
Attenuating the sins of this world,
Amazing columns of light,
Awakening flame of knowledge!
Ha haa -Hrim hrim- Hem hem -Hum hum
Ha haa -Hrim hrim- Hem hem -Hum hum.

‘Jala' - the Holy water
Jolted by His own sophisticated creations
Jatadhara Siva produces the Holy water!
Jet setting the oceans, rivers, streams and ponds
Just flowing with serenity to cool the earth!
Jai Jai Ganga!
Gorgeous river that enthralls Him with her
Gurgling and rapturous dance!
Tititai ti ti titai -Tititai ti ti titom
Tititai ti ti titai -Tititai ti ti titom

'Prithvi' or Earth - The Mother Earth is
Elated when Siva dances on her generous bosom!
Eloquent steps, hops, skips, and jumps,
Elevated! The Mother Earth sheds tears of joy as she creates
Elegant, pretty flowers, quaint and colourful!
Enamoured and fascinated by trees with decorative postures; Siva
Enjoys adorning His favourite white Mandara flower,
Entertaining and dancing along with His curly fragrant locks!
Tlanku dinna - tarikida dinna- tlanku dinna tom
Tlanku dinna- tarikida dinna- tlanku dinna tom.

The ‘Vayu' or the wind! Siva breathes deeply, sighs and releases;
The most powerful of the ‘Panca Mahabhutas'-The five elements;
The ‘Prana' or the vital air that keeps man alive,
The fundamental essence of life!
The air that traverses gently through the five sheaths-
The 'Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya'
The sheaths of food, air, mind, intellect -
The culmination with Anandamaya Kosha -the sheath of inexplicable bliss! .
Tarikida taka- Tarikida taka taka
Dhimikida taka - Dhimikida dhimi dhimi.

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