KML (April 3,1910 / Sacramento, CA)

Satisfactory Performance

So you don’t wanna fight now. Am I too strong?
You wanted to make me be what you are—
But I’ve shot that down.

Never was truth or faith
Anything but a heady excuse for “no alternative”.

And you forgot about God.
He was just another letter of the
Emotional blackmail,
The steady abuse.

All real prayers collect dust,
As my will collects your fears—
All these hushed voices begin to disappear,

Make a scene,
An opening...
Your act is finished, I see through.
You wanted to call me a futile effort.
You wanted to change me,
But there was nothing you could do.

It’s done. It’s finished. I’m gone,
So I must have won,
Even when I wasn’t trying to.

I can see it clearly now,
A conspiracy of indifference...
Affecting my outcomes,

And anesthetizing you.

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