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Poem By Dominic Windram

O holy creative force
Of the teeming universe:
Bless these words dipped in light.
Give us time to perfect our art.

Give us time for revelry.
We who are formed from stardust;
Nurtured by significant soil
& bathed in ethereal streams.

Give us a simple creed to believe
In a world of decadent idols;
Allow sensual pleasures to breed
But let the rose guide the fire.

Give us colours of every shade & hue
From damask & saffron to sapphire blue.
And we shall compose new hymns & prayers,
In praise of a deeper union.

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Dominic, I’m getting round to checking out more of your poems and was attracted by the title of this one. It’s not what I expected, and it leaves me curious about your point of view, but I do like and want to note the pleasing phrases in it. Among them teeming universe and words dipped in light. And the colors named in the second line of the last stanza suggest a richness I like. -Glen