That Pass Us By

But me...
I will always remember.
I will always remember that time.
That scene, I believe, was obscene.
No neccisities, to recisitate.
But ill continue to hesitate.
Because I need my escape.
Can’t all relate?

And the daughters sit sipping their tea,
As the clock chimes away the seconds.
The existence is fleeting,
I can feel my heart beating.
We whittle away our lives with a butter knife.
So preoccupied.
un simplified.

Lets think,
Have a toast, heres a drink!
To the moments that pass us by…
Like an ever daunting, ever haunting,
Un returning goodbye.
And ill sit with you,
That we may discuss a thing or two.
But in the end,
I know I could never uphold the notions.
The ones you believe are me.
So only a moment will do.
Or else you may peel away my lies,
And discover the emptiness that lurks beneath...

by anne beau

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Remember to rules in poetry, I know, but unless the wong spelling is part of the intent, it dilutes the intent.