Saturday Hockey

That Saturday was the one everyone in the city was waiting for.
A long dreary winter was finally going away.
Me and my friends were enjoying the sun playing hockey,
sweating the pounds of fast food and hamburger away.
My friends were surprised to see me,
although i was waiting for them to call me.
I guess were not as close as I wish we were,
but I ain't no loner weirdo needing anybody.
I keep much to myself and try to navigate this negative life,
and try not to lose to the greedy strife.
I try to stay positive but those clouds always hover almost everyday.
I see that many people share my sentiments,
just listen to most music lyrics closely.
I guess I should appreciate what I have,
food, shelter and my good health.
Some people are just not lucky.
So we anyways we enjoyed that day of hockey,
shedding our negative emotions of frustrations and lost hopes.
We seem to get closer as a group every week we play,
and in a funny way our ages range from 17 - 36.
How we get along sometimes is a mystery to me,
but I know my two high school buddy's will always be loyal me.
That is a sacred invisible bond that is close like family.
They asked me to be goalie so I did it because I had to sacrifice for the group.
At the beginning I was nervous every time the puck kept coming closer,
but luckily my team was excellent.
Even when I had to block the puck,
I learnt you have to sacrifice your knees and dropp down,
exactly one millisecond before the player hit the puck,
Kinda like reading his or her mind like ESP.
We finally ended the game and my best friend's face was flush red from the heat.
I was exhausted suffocating under all that goalie equipment,
but in a weird way I felt better.
We finally parted ways,
and who knows might play again this Saturday if we live long enough.

by Derie Mohamed

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