Glorious Day

I see the dark recede

as we come together,

in unity and harmony

I see a new day dawning

and for the first time I feel free,

I hear the sound of nature

singing out harmonious tunes

and for the first time

there is very little bad news

and as start awaking

and opening our eyes,

we see this new dawn,

without any despite,

we will feel free we will feel strong

we will feel renewed

and for this first time

our being here is understood,

as the sun rises up

and lights the new day,

we see the resplendent

global floral display

and the verdant green pastures

and the beautiful trees

and we suddenly remember

what a glorious world this is,

as the rabbits leap

and the deer scurry by,

we witness the wonders

of life as we breathe a sigh

and as the sheep and the cows graze

in the fields and pastures green,

we realise how blind we have been,

this earth and ecology,

balanced finitely,

lustrously reaching out for all to see,

on a glorious resplendent

day like this,

makes me glad that I exist.

by Fauxcroft Wade

Comments (7)

Hi Chuck I've banned reading in our bedroom unless it's done properly and professionally, and without noice. Just a thought, 'There's rubber everything else', it occurs to me that rubber books wouldn't make a noise. Careful.....this could start a fetish Great Read Steve
In the morning, silence is golden... just like your poems. Great write, Chuck! Brian
'the paper cuts slice my dreams to shreds..' pure genius. Really enjoyed this poem packed with vivid imagery. The subtle humour evident too. Kind regards. Justine.
There is no excuse for treating a hangover victim with anything other than tender loving silence. Hugs Anna xxx
Wow - I love this one! You've succeeded in causing me one heckuva headache just reading this! You've reached a lot of people with this poem, Chuck. Well-done, friend, so take a '10'. Est : ]
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