Affirmative Communication

affirmative communication...
we as humans are diverse creatures,
with diverse beliefs, histories, and needs.
we share the common bond of being human.
that is the beginning of the bridge.
we are not meant to be exactly alike.
but we are meant to flow with each other.
beginning with respect....
i am what i am, you are what you are...
and that is good.
let your words be tempered with kindness.
harsh words, excessive profanity, are forms of hate...
hate never accomplishes anything!
never judge anyone but yourself.
forgive for the sake of your own forgiveness.
listen... for that is how we learn....
and when it comes to matters of god...
dont preach god... be the god
you want others to know!

by Eric Cockrell

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wonderful piece of fine poetry here.Mr cullen wrote this superbly.