Inscription For A Gravestone

Why do you call me everynight
and get me so into you? And
than you pull back. What else
should I do? I'm so lost, pittyful
And confuse. I don't know if
you love me or I'm just getting

My heart is aching, my body is
numb.Why you keep playing
games that make me feel
dumb.I should go on with my
life without you in it. because
the longer I stay you'll abuse
me even more. I wonder if
you have a notepad, and your
keeping score. I don't know the
rules to the games that you play.

I'm feeling weak in my knees.
Why don't you just go away.
Do you get some kinda
satisfaction from playing
games with my heart? I
should have left you from
the start. I was blinded by my
love, I can't lie, this is true.
When it comes to other
peoples relationships I can
see right through.

I saw you with another woman
I should have known. My gut
instinct told me to just leave you
alone. But I didn't what else can I

you just kept playing
the games that you play. Now you
found someone that can play
all too well. Because I saw yall
together at a sleezy hotel. I hope
she does you just the way you did
me. And that your blinded by
love and just can't see. I can hold
my head up high now because
your out of my life. I met someone
who is good to me, he made me
his wife.

by lisa reed

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