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Saturday Today
SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)

Saturday Today

I will tell a story
About today,
It will resemble the story
Of poverty.
I did not eat throughout
Yesterday evening
So I woke up feeling weak;
I lolled on my bed,
I had fought with heat
All through the night
And here I was sweating,
Weak, hungry and tempted
With irk.
I got up from the mattress
And went to greet my
Neighbors on either side;
The one on the left
Is a boy who has a black heart
But tries to wash it
With costly bleach;
I avoid him as much can.
The one on the right
Is a bitter old woman
Who tries to hide her hate
Behind costly smile;
I avoid her as much can,
So I return after a brief
Chit chat with either
To say my morning prayers.
They last an hour and half;
In them I remind God
To kill my enemies
And to make me succeed soon soon
Soon enough to hasten
Their death.
Prayer over, I go to scout for water
In rich men's houses, where
Water shares their homes;
In poor men's homes
Water is a vagabond
That must be sought after.
So I get hold of a jerry can
And three buckets and begin my hunt.
A kind man gives me water,
God's free gift which
Men make costly,
And I return to wash and clean
My hopes.
I then relax a little,
Play computer games
And cook rice.
My rice has just been put down from the stove;
When I complete this long poem
I will go bathe
And return to eat.
Later in the afternoon
I will go to the wedding
At a suite close by here.
What a Saturday!
Which of the two do you like:
The poem or the Saturday -
Which really?

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