Abandonement is like a bird being left to rot where it died
you can fly as much as you want but the drugs wont erase the feeling
it hurts you deep into the bone, the marrow and the cell
even the brain messes up at the feel of it
Being cared for is opposite
its like a dog being in the heart of its owner
it goes into your blood and into the ions in you
Even when abandoned we need motivation
you fall you rise or you fall you stay down
its the rule of life and its your choice
stand up for what you are or get assaulted for what your not
they are waiting for you to give up and relaese those tears
all around they leave you to it, but does it matter?
you want to be the last man standinh. not the first man to slump
Courage. Bravery. Persverance.
these make you higer than them
they wait to snigger at your mistakes and your fall
but dont give them the chance
Fall. Rise. Soar.
That way your not just gonna be victorious
Your going to be a change other people in their traps didnt achieve
Mistake. Correction. Move on.

by Oyindasola Famodoun

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