And from the land of Sauerkraut
came, blond and blue of eye
a man of gestures, keen to shout
he was a giant guy.

He pushed aside those in his way
and marched into the Pub,
unpacked his bag as if to stay
and asked for a large tub.

And when it came he quickly said
give me a kitchen knife
and one humongous cabbage head
I'll make you come alive.

And then this German Grumpy Kraut
chopped cabbage without slowing
soon it turned into Sauerkraut
he said 'I must be going'.

And in the kitchen of the Pub
the scum was rising wildly
the Sauerkraut inside the tub
was done, to put it mildly.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Ah good auld' cabbage, only one way for me though......with lots of bacon and spuds....delicious.... lovely read alana
Always wondered how sauerkraut came to