Save A Penny For A Rainy Day

They keep the cold at bay
with dreams of yesterday
when they were young and in their prime

And as the north wind blows
they watch the fire glow
sheltered in a home from their own kind

If you see them out in the street
they seldom shop, they seldom eat
save a penny for a rainy day

When they were fighting during the war
they kept the score by working hard
and watching loved ones pass away

I only hope and pray
that if we reach their age
there'll be some comfort in our time

We shouldn't have to fight
for what should be a right
of every woman every man

In winter they don't have enough heat
we've got cold hearts, they've got cold feet
save another penny for a rainy day

I wouldn't like to think when I'm old
out in the cold that I'll be told
you've got no future anyway.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (3)

Compassionate, lyrical - you've a great gift for touching my heart. Cold hearts, cold feet - ah, it made me shiver myself.
Yes, I agree Charles, it is disgusting the way some sections of society treat our seniors! They call them that in Canada I believe, I find it a much more respectful term than elderly or old person, Jesus Christ! we are all going to get there one day, they hold a wealth of knowledge and yet are assumed to be worthless as assets. You bring the issue to instant life with your title too. 10 pissed off kicks for our social attitudes today! Tai
Sad but you painted a true picture. Patricia