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My Journey Aboard This Boat
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My Journey Aboard This Boat

I'm among the few select,
Chosen to board this boat,
whose velocity and direction,
Are controlled by my words and actions

I close my eyes,
And utter 'southwards very fast please',
The golden boat speeds,
Southward into deep waters
I press the slow button,
And it decelerates,

I cast my fishing nets,
Into the waters.
My net grabs,
Fish of all sizes,
I smile,
And press the 'move further' button.

A strong storm storms in,
His steel arms,
Capsize my golden boat
And breaks it into a trillion pieces,
'All is lost in an eye blink',
I frown.

Amidst the sea of salty water,
I start my ten thousand kilometres journey back to the beach
I swim but sink,
Hoping for the best,
But waiting for the worst.

After all, as they say,
That's the destiny of all creatures,
Aboard the golden boat,
You never know the hour nor the day,
But one day,
Your boat must capsise!

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A vivid portrayal of Mother Nature's fury. A great perceptive write that echoes a warning on the exploitation of natural resources. A thoughtful piece of work that aims to promote safe environment.10
We have to fear that our Earth might be headed into an apocalypse if we continue exploiting and misusing Nature in the present thoughtless way...................! A great write of warning!