TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

Save Me

Save my from myself
I'm my only threat
Save me from who I am
For I am death

Save me
To save yourself
Lead me from my darkness
Forget everyone else

Let the world plunder
Into the depths of darkness
Let them all fade away
You know they couldn't care less

They don't care about you
Your life is just another game
You know that if you asked them
They wouldn't even know your name

So reach for my hand
Save me from all this
Save me from the world
Pull me from my black abyss

You are the only one
The light beyond the dark
Forget about this world
And we can have a whole new start

A new world with new people
All under your rule
Treat them any way you please
Kind or maybe cruel

So save me
And save yourself instead of the world
You know they don't care
To them your just some girl

So leave them all behind
Let them all die
Turn your face away
Don't let yourself cry

They don't mean a thing
They never cared for you
So darling take my hand
And let me save you too

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