Save Me

I sat.
Staring at the moon.
Hoping to find the answers for these questions that were flying through my head.
No answer came.
5 months went by, no answer came.
I want to die.
I want ever so much to die.
This pain is unbearable.
But then I stopped.
The tears stopped.
And I figured I ran out.
Which sure enough I did.
I stared again into the black of the night; no answer came from the darkness.
No answer ever will.
I'll try to talk tough.
But in my mind I know how much it kills to say those things. I
know I don’t mean them.
And I never will.
But he thinks he's harmed me, and yes indeed he has.
But by doing that he's unleashed the demon inside the quiet soul.
And it’s ripping through to get out.
So save me Scott, save me so I’m Alive again.

by Vonnie Enochs

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