Save Me

What do you do when the only
person you want to least think about
is the only person on your mind

When you try to erase the very thought
of them from your head yet you still think
of them all the time

When remembering their smile
and the sound of their voice
makes you melt a little like you have
no choice

What do you say when he says lets be
friends, all you can do is agree and then
regret it all in the end

When they say he still loves you
and you sorta believe it
and then realize it was all lies
to begin with

What do you feel when you find out
about the girl he now likes and he thinks
he so close and its starting to feel right

When he finally gets with her and he talks
about her daily, and you see him kissing her
and hugging her hoping they'll stop; prayingg

When he talks about how happy he is and how
hes so glad your still friends meanwhile your looking
at your computer screen crying begging for your
heart to mend

What do you do when your hearts split in two
but you must act like your there and you care
while he goes off with the girl hes sure loves him
like he loves her

What do you do when SHE comes to you and says
she loves him so but theres another man in her life
so she has to let him go

What do you say when hes on the phone crying
and depressed talkin bout how he thought she was
the one and how its killing him all the stress

What can you say when hes hid himself from others
and hasnt rlly spoken for weeks because if heart
has been shattered and as much as you try to help
him you know it couldnt possibly help or matter

What do you do when you want to tell him you still
love him in everyway, knowing he most deffinately
doesnt feel the same

What can you do but work through and try to forget
and not regret and try your best to make him as happy
as he could ever be

Because you know that as much as you want him
in your life again that you must let him go, let him free
so he can once again find a girl that will make him happy

And you know that as much as you love him as long
as he's happy living with the girl of his dreams, your feelings
no longer matter as hard as it seems

Depression taking over you as tears stream
down your face you dont want to be in this place

Salt water overcoming your eyes praying
this feeling doesnt stay
Your standing at the end of the road

Nothing matters anymore at this point
in time
So sick of everything and everyone feeling
like without help you could possibly die

You know you would try your very best
to do everything you could to survive
if only you knew how to save a life

by Alicia Gomez

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