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Save Me

Save Me
I thought I was all alone.
I thought no stars were shining down on me.
I had thought I would have been alright.
Save Me.
I knew I wasn't crazy.
And that everyone must get this way every once and awhile.
So I looked around for the people in life who could save me.
Save Me.
I guess you missed all the signs.
But I can't ever blame you.
I don't want you feeling guilty and that I would keep you in pain too.
Save Me.
I couldn't hear you when you were so far away.
So I hope you have learned from this.
And maybe you could help someone else someday.
Save Me.
I am human after all.
And I simply wasn't able to catch my fall.
Plus, no one ever came my way to check up on me and see if I was okay.
Save Me.
I needed someone's help then.
I had thought it would be alright.
But I wasn't pulling through on my own.
Save Me.
I was waiting for someone to come save me.
I knew there was someone who could save me.
I was waiting for someone to come.
Save Me.
I was falling down so hard…that it seemed so crazy.
And I asked myself 'Is there anyone around who could save me? '
I wondered if there was who could save me.
Save Me.
I waited and waited.
I had needed someone's help desperately.
But nobody came to save me.
Save Me.
But then you walked into my life.
And everything changed.
You were that someone.
Save Me.
You saved me from my demons.
You saved me from myself.
You are that someone.
You Saved Me.

by Bleeding Heart

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