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Save Me Dad.
(28 October / Lucknow (U.P.) India)

Save Me Dad.

Daddy, I see you
reaching for me,
crawling ever-so-slowly
toward my jammed seat belt,
smiling like you always do
though tears escape
like the putrid fumes
choking our air.

Daddy, I see you
moving your lips,
but your words suffocate
from neighboring screams
surrounding our car,
one of several left dangling
as distorted puppets
on this once-mighty bridge.

Daddy, I see you
stroking my hand,
and I wonder if you know
I can't feel you at all.
Nerves have numbed
beneath frozen fear,
refusing to move
unlike this concrete tomb.

Daddy, I see you
stare into my soul,
transfixed as we fall
to the merciless river.
And I know what you know:
our final moment
won't be wasted on panic,
we will focus on each other.

Daddy, I see you
struggle to breathe,
tearing my heart
as you try to be strong.
My hero, you've always been,
even now as your grip loosens
beneath murky waters...
Please save me from all these downtroddens,
Please dad,
I love you,
I don't myself to loose.

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