Northern Bird.

When the wind had roared his might,
capturing a bird in flight,
Swept from north, to southern shore,
The northern bird, could fly no more.
Exhausted in the sands she lay,
To rest until another day.
Then strong enough, she then would fly,
back to the north, where memories lie.

A stranger spied her, as she slept,
He saw the tears that she had wept,
Then took her in his gentle hands,
from the cold and lonely sands,
To hold her gently to his chest,
The warmth she felt would aid her rest,
No fear she felt in this embrace,
The trust she saw, within his face,
She snuggled closer, closer still,
of this mans warmth, she took her fill,
There now was not a thought of flight,
Held safe throughout this lonely night.

by Laurie hill

Comments (2)

Yes I do listen to Linkin Park. I love them! You nailed the point. I wasn't trying to make people depressed at all.
OMG! ! this is defo your best yet.. do you listen to linkin park by any chance, i love them and this feels verry LP.... less of an attempt to depress others and more to sypathise... i love it, please keep writting: D