Save Our Sky, Be Ozone-Friendly!

Three atoms of Oxygen,
That will make Ozone!
Which is in the Stratosphere,
The Shield’s almost gone.

Absorbing the U-V rays,
That comes from the Sun;
Ozone is so essential,
No more is this fun.

Ozone-holes are increasing,
Stop this if you’re wise;
Blame Man for its depletion,
Skin-Cancer’s on the rise.

Hundred chemicals almost,
Can de-ionize!
Fluro-carbons and Halons,
Mostly terrorize.

These are being widely used,
Phase them out, O Man;
They can cause Cataracts too,
Beware, Ye human.

They cause global-warming, so
Let the Ozone be;
Use those substances only
That’re Ozone- friendly.

September 16 th each year,
Is celebrated always;
As the World’s Day to preserve,


dedicated to the World Environment Day

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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