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Save The Earth

I feel the Need of a Pharaoh but it sounds wild.
Pharaoh will pass an order to stop making child.
He did so to stop a fiend! A rebel! A Prophet!
Who would be his deadly opposition a big threat! !

That was then under the circumstances as were
We also got reading that we will soon disappear! !
The big challenge and threat for us already born!
Now is the time to stop growing overpopulation! !

Why bringing unborn? Why giving birth more culprits?
Sinners will grow big to make the earth dead meats! !
Why can't we go back and to have the former size!
To enjoy plenty of natural resources to recover to rise! !

You accepted many things what your religion forbidden!
Try hard to save the earth by lowering population if you can! !
Yes! You can do it! You can hold the control key for future!
Plenty of trees, crops with lessor people to live better! !

by Chan Mongol

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