Save The Life, Control Your Sensual Desire

Healthy is Wealthy
Wealthy is that everybody wanted
Wanted is not only for your sensual desire
Your sensual desire makes your life so burning, if you don’t control
Control for what?
What for you are living in this existence?
In this Existence of you, what and how did you do, support for the life being?

For the life being, you should be valuable and reasonable person
Valuable and reasonable person should stay and
practices the ways under the words of God’s instruction

God’s instruction has not mentioned in any bible,
to eat every things over and making a sexual with various mates, animals
and as homosexual for all human being

All human being are sometime acting at the low level of animals that without thinking.
Without thinking that you do for your sensual desire,
You will be suffering about unusual diseases,
And transmitting yours to other person to feel like your pain.

Your pain is result of owned your getting things done for your wants.
Your wants should be within the limit of your human rights.
Your human rights should never use to be danger for all life being in this world

In this world, now a day, all of you individually must to do everything
And save your life with best human thinking for us to live with healthy.

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