Save The Pope.

Poem By Susan Lawino

The Pope is Dead! What a waste!

God where art thou? ? Did you not see your chance to make a believer out of me? ?

Save the Pope, Convert the whole Universe.

Magnificent Conquerer you could have been, yet you lay quiet on a trillion quillion illion zillion prayer requests! ? .

Infinity they cried! Save the Pope! Pope the Save! Save Pope the!

Tongues, Languages, tears, hearttwretchingly they spoke, cried, willed, begged!

'Hear me not for my words but for my heart' a follower spoke.

It is not for my genuine love and understanding or bother for the Pope that I write this!

Just thought you let a good chance pass you by.

May his joy be profound in your Kingdom.


Comments about Save The Pope.

this is so exceptional, you got some talent gal please put it to use. have enjoyed every poem here by ya.
excellent. I've always said this. if God exists, why not make your right-hand man live until 230 years attendances would rocket.

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