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Save The Trees, Save Ourselves
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Save The Trees, Save Ourselves

the trees that grow to a wise old
age are full of compassion and health and serve
as a doctor -live near them -and soon
they'll send healing elements by day and
by night through the air -hug one every day and
it will begin to heal you - - knowing how far your body has gone
astray from its natural path- - concocting out of its
own constituents - elixir to help your body heal the natural way,
draining it of poisons and pollutants that have gotten into it
by air or water or food - the trees and the man
are mutual saviours - extensions of each other-
one can't live without the other -they evolve to
help each other come to life -spicing each other up
in ways only they know how

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