Save Yourself And Back Away...

I have a blunt, new honesty.
It's tactless and unkind.
I know the words I'm saying,
But to the consequence, I'm blind.

I know I might hurt you,
No matter what response.
So save yourself, and back away.
Don't dare give me that chance.

[I have nothing to sleep to,
Or dream of, or think of.
No one causes butterflies.
There's no one I really love...

I had someone a while ago.
It was my first real love.
Now I think it's a waste of time.
Every oppurtunity, I shove.]

I'm expecting one to cure me,
To free me from this tension.
I don't know where it came from,
But I shiver to the mention.

So many things are going wrong.
Lost the map to my happy place.
I can't find a perfect song.
Like God's forgotten to send his grace.

A month's worth
of anguish and worry.
There's nothing I can do
and I'm not sorry.

Done nothing to deserve this,
Because I've loved and loved more.
I know something is missing...
But what? I'm not sure.

There's moments that I love him,
But some that I feel cold.
But in every single breath I take,
It's him that I want to hold.

To realize that, causes me tears.
The thought of him knowing,
Causes my fears.
What would he do if he had this knowledge?
I doubt that matters..
Because I'll still be his hostage...

by Grace Pasco

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