Saved By Love

Poem By Jennifer Sol

Her fingers stretch out long and skeletal
Reaching for him and gasping for breath
An unsteady rise and fall of her chest
Her heart beat, erratic and nervous
Terrified gray eyes plead for life
He looks at her with unseeing eyes
He stares past her as if searching for something
His skin is as pale as death, his face gaunt
A wild fire burns in his emerald eyes
Twisting and psychotic it consumes him
A itching passion to taste blood
An enraged yawp escapes his lips as he changes
He tears away his skin to reveal fur standing on end
Inhuman strength allows him to rip a nearby tree
From it’s home and hurl it fifty feet over her head
She tries to back away but is held tightly by greedy hands
Pale beautiful hands that grip her with an intense need
She watches him, her love, tear through the trees into the night
A crystal tears escape her eyes, a pale hand reaches up to wipe it away
This time she really looks at him, this strange man holding her hostage
Long black hair pulled back with a red ribbon, a chiseled jaw
Ravaged deep brown eyes and thin red lips, she feels a pull of attraction
His ebony cape billows out behind him beckoning her
Suddenly dripping fangs appear sending a wave of fear over her
He leans in closer, she’s frozen in terror, pain spreads through her body
For a moment everything is completely still as if time was frozen
Then she feels a thirst for blood so compelling it brings her to her knees
The strange man scoops her into his arms and carries her off to his lair
A stone castle with weathered stones carefully labored upon by his servants
It was cold with the ice of death but she didn’t notice the frigid air
All she could feel was a ravenous thirst for blood and it disgusted her
In her heart she was still reaching out with long skeletal fingers for her love
The man led her to a room and with a sweeping motion showed her into a grandiose room
A room fit for a queen and it was all hers, she sat facing the window and called for her love
Somewhere far off she knew he could hear her and would come back for her
Amidst his rampaging he felt a tug at his heart and reached for a memory he couldn’t quite touch
Confused he stopped, then he remembered her beautiful gray eyes long blonde hair
In a mad rush he raced in the direction he felt her call and scaled those worn down stone walls
There she was, her beautiful face but changed somehow he reached out with a rough paw
She reached out with cold hands, reunited in each others arms again, lips met
And her thirst for blood faded away, he changed back to normal with his piercing emerald eyes
Their love had saved them from most certain death.

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