Saved To Be Commissioned

Lord help us see what we’re not and change us not a little but a lot.
There is work to do for the harvest is plentiful but workers are few.
Christ came to show us The Way, why are we quiet almost every day?
He didn’t give us a spirit of timidity but of boldness for eternity.

Saved by The One and Only Name, how can we choose to remain the same?
We were saved out of the night to lead men to the only saving light.
Many today do not know His Name; Paul points this out to our shame.
But, we’ve been saved to proclaim our Blessed Lord and Savior’s Name.

We do live by faith in Christ alone but we need to point others home.
Remember back in your youth when someone shared with you The Truth.
The truth that all need to hear is that Christ’s return is very near.
First they must hear The Good News and there’s little time to lose.

Of The Gospel Paul was not ashamed for it is power when proclaimed,
Its power unto salvation meant to be preached to every single nation.
Salvation comes to all who believe, preach The Word and you will see.
Paul was a part of The Great Commission which today is our mission.

Our mission is sharing of God’s Word until men everywhere have heard.
The Gospel is Christ died for you and me and will return in Victory.
He’s coming back to redeem His own and take us to our Eternal Home.
Christ saves all who do believe; accept Him now and you won’t grieve.

(Copyright ©04/2004)

by Bob Gotti

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