Saving Jocelyn

The crickets’ haze heard and resounding
On that moonless night inside the cabin
While the countryside is celebrating
Here, she got a pillow, subbing, forbidden

Is it necessary to seclude and be forsaken?
You had it twice and it felt uncompromising
Melancholy wouldn’t give anything to gain
Prove him wrong, he’s not worth crying

In a day or two, this scenario will surely change
Don’t allow his caprices control or consume you
If you do, will it help resolve and untangle the pain?
Make it even, he doesn’t deserve you, let him go

It’s good to have him punished, yes, oh, I know
Is castigating him will make you tough and supreme?
Let go of his whim, his bully won’t make you grow
Get out, play his game; it’s nice to see him scream

by Edgar Rendon Eslit

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Good advice for ladies who becom victims of love.... a love thought to be true but alas some guys only use it as bait to fool many gals! . However, there are women also who like to be victimized...maybe they are in heat! Good poetry Edgar. Thanks for sharing, worth the 10.