I remember Andy,
the first girl that I tried to kiss,
she thought I was an idiot,
I do believe that she was right,
... I don't recall getting a kiss.

I remember milestones,
the groping in the dark,
I didn't get there either,
... until I got a car.

When I got some wheels under me,
it was a different story,
the ladies were more patient with me,
... a little more adoring.

Clumsiness was overcome,
by knowledge and some hormones,
four well inflated tires,
and simply getting older.

I talked with Andy later on,
she thought, I thought she was a ' prude ',
... don't tell her that I told you this,
... but, I was scared as hell!

I'll bet that happens everyday,
it seems funny, looking back,
girls know more about the world at that age,
- - - while boys just have no clue!

Things haven't changed that much,
from when I was young and stupid,
thank goodness there are girlfriends for us,
thank goodness there are wives,
thank goodness for the goodness in them,
... and of course we won't admit it,
... those women saved our lives.

by Barry Van Allen

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