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Say, No More To Alcohol......

A poison never taste good, so as alcohol
There is no difference between alcohol and poison.
Poison kills you immediately
but alcohol is known for slow poisoning
God has created grapes garden for you to taste its juice
but you have turned those gardens in to wine yard
Alcohol is a bad lover which gives you a tight hug
only one time and make you slave for lifetime
Think about last night when you returned home
fell out of the car and crawled in to the house
Screaming over your beloved wife
and abusing your lovely children
That makes your home nothing but hell
You not only make your heart weak but also your loved ones
It is not too late and you can make your life worth living
Love your family and do not allow your family to go stray.
Give up alcohol and say no more.

by Ravi Sathasivam

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Very insightful poem