Say Of The Fire Which Awaits

This is to those who discriminate.
Well, they are to me those whom I hate.

Thanks to them,
‘Cos deep down my heart, there is a hot red flame

You know what, it’s strong enough,
Now no one can blow it out when they cough.

When the words like a whetted knife,
Chase me around like bees from a hive.

To those whom they give a stagger
With that old and silly dagger

I still await, for the day when I will,
Fulfil my will.

A day will come when, in front of their eyes,
They will see that those old and silly ideas
Perhaps to shout out loud, for them won’t be wise.

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Hmm.... Lot of fire in there.... Keep it up. Not just snub the evil but also go up the hill... I am sure you will... Let do, it's job the devil.