SM (May 29 2000 / Canada)

Saying Good Bye For The Last Time

Laying among shattered pieces of my heart.
As if glass, the light revealed the beauty in my destiny.
The perfect disaster, resembling how we broke apart,
How you broke me.

Over, and over not even letting the tears dry.
Trapping me within the prison of loving you.
Finally escaping for once saying the word that has been on my mind day in and day out, bye.
Except this word you already knew,

All too well.
Saying it whenever I said no,
As if I did something wrong we would dispelled.
As if the torture of losing you was a punishment, a lesson I had to learn, and when I did you would come back around and say hello.

I learned that opinion and choice was the trade I had to make to have you,
To be yours if only for a moment by your lust, obsessed cruel mind.
But it was your mind thus I embraced it, giving you all of me, just so our story would end like I always knew.
Now laying in the brokenness that I have become, my body outlined.

As the glass pieces that made me cut through my wrist.
Loving you with all I had, now I lay to rest.

by Samantha Morgan

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Samantha, such a well-expressed write👍👍👍