KG (November 12th,1993 / New Jersey)

Saying Goodbye

This is goodbye
to everything I have ever hated about you
which is a lot to say the least
I hate the way you hurt me
and the way i am perfectly okay with it each time
and I hate the way you leave me broken
and yet I still want you all that much more
You have torn me down more then once
and yet I run into your open arms over and over again
I dispise the way you know me
and at my worst moments you have to be there
to comfort me in the only way I know how to do
you make it all okay in my eyes
I hate how you know what you do each and every time
I hate how you don't care what it does it me
and I hate most of all
the one thing I would change if I could
the one thing I wold give love and life up for
I hate how people want me to stop loving you.

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